Love is war - Hatsune Miku

now there's no way to go
in the heat of this love


ah! the world is blurred
even so will i still love you..?
i know this
though what should i do?
what can i…
how can i…
what a fool
i am

let's begin
this war!
oh! to see you pleased with someone else!
earnest love
that is sin
i will show
how i feel!

the megaphone i tried shouting in was broken
how hard i try to overreach myself
i would fail to get into your sight
ah! a clear sky slid by
but it doesn't suit at all
i couldn’t get a hold of my feelings

fight it out
shoot right  to the heart
i dont have a choice
show off my skirt flap
i shall make you gaze upon me
get ready to intercept
war situation still a drawback
love is blind...
yes, i'll be awaken by your kiss!

21h58 |


You said that you loved me
and that you cared about me
but i dont see a thing!

it's weird how you behave
it's strange to me and
i cant figure you out

i wonder what you're thinking
what are your thoughts about me
what are your feelings on me...

i wanna know all that...
i dont like to be like this!
so jealous, so angry about stupid things!

and so i lose another friend..
'cause i'm so cold.. and i'm
feeling sad.. and so i cry...

so many thougts, so many questions
no one answers... what did i wrong?
what was my mistake? please, someone could answer?

i'm feeling a bit lonely..
i miss the heat of a hug
i miss so many things...

i'm wondering, thinking about it..
will i ever feel that heat again...?


22h40 |

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