why do i feel so empty?
so lonely? so cheated? so sad..?
there are things without answer,
they say.. sometimes, i wanted those things
werent true

my head wont stop, my feelings dont want to stop
it's to quick, to harsh for me..
will my heart survive? will my soul resist?

i feel the loneliness around me..
i wanted to know a way of defeat her,
but i cannot think right now..!

it's like i'm diying, without no one notice
it's like i'm falling, commiting suicide...
and no one will notice, no one will stop me..

and then, the end cames.. the death take me with her...

21h34 |

it's like i'm alone in a dark world
with no one that i can call 'friend'
it's like i've lost myself and
now i dont know how to find me

it's like i'm diying and
no one notice that
it's like i'm screaming
but no one is listening to me

i'm scared, and i'm cold
i wanted someone to told me those words
i want to hear so much...

i'm shaking of fear...
I'me feeling alone, and it's like
there's no one by my side...

i wanted to be loved,
to be cherrish by someone..

21h07 |

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